Our place was affected by the blackout last nite. From where we were on the 18th floor, the view of the Upper Thomson all the way up to Ang Mo Kio area was all pitch black.

Guessed who had the most fun during this blackout? You guessed right. Emily was brushing her teeth in our bathroom when it happened. No sign of fear at all on her. Her first reaction was "so dark" and continued on with her brushing. When she got out of the bathroom, she headed straight to her pile of toys and dug out a mini torchlight, which we got from the NDP pack last year. She managed to find it and luckily the batteries are still alive. She shone it on me, herself, daddy and was making silly faces. All this while, daddy was trying to find the candles. Again, we were lucky to have bought a big pack from Ikea and they were sitting nicely on the bathroom cabinet. These were bought pre-Emily with the intention of romantic twosome nights at home.

I digressed.

So, daddy was busy lighting each candle up. With every candle being lit, Emily was happily singing the Happy Birthday song, alternating between English and Mandarin. She went on and on like the Energizer rabbit until the electricity came back on about half an hour later. I was glad it did coz I couldn't bear to listen to another HB song. We were again lucky coz my colleague's place in Bukit Batok was blacked out for nearly 2 hours. Now with the electricity back on, guess again who had the courtesy to blow the candles out? She blew each of them out followed by a round of applause (mummy daddy rini inclusive as requested by her) macam really like her birthday like that.

Despite her having so much fun, I certainly hope this is not going to happen again in a long long time. Due to the excitement and lack of sleep, I got a pretty grouchy waking child this morning.
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Emily is going through her why phase now. Every comment or question posted to her warrants a why from her. Arghhhh! Did I go through this phase myself and drove my mom crazy too? I am sure I did.

I am also finding myself less patient with her over the why episodes and it is really evident from my tone of voice.

On our way to the school yesterday, she bombarded my with so many whys until I told her off. She then asked me, "Mummy, are you angry?" She is really a senstive girl and I will have to learn to stay my cool in front of her.

Are we supposed to stop them from asking questions? Jon was telling me for them to be asking questions mean that they are absorbing new information. To deter them from doing so will only shut them off. But sometimes it is just too darn annoying!
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Special Mentions

In Emily's schoolbag was the school's Term 2 Newsletter. On there it wrote:

Special Mentions To

Liz/Zhou Yan's AM class:

Emily - you have begun speaking in more complete sentences. Well done!

*proud mummy mode on* *beams*

One of the theme this term was nursery rhymes. We did some fingerplay and action rhymes last night. She can now sing, thou not coherently, the words to Polly put the Kettle on, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle, Little Teapot, Mary had a little lamb, Hickory Dickory Dock, Pat-A-Cake, Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice and Jack and Jill. It was so cute seeing her in action.

Emily: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Emily: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
Emily: Mummy, Humpty Dumpty, FALL! (pointing at me asking me to be the HD and fall in front of her)
Mummy: Ouch! (Fell from the mattress)
Emily: All the King's horses and all the King's men
Emily: Daddy, HORSE!
Daddy: Gallop, gallop, trot, trot! (on all fours)
Emily: Couldn't put Humpty together again.
Emily: Oh dear, mummy! It's broken, how?

Shall take and share a picture of the Humpty Dumpty craft she made at school.
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We were having fun singing and signing the zoo-phonics last night. This blur mummy missed the alphabet "g" after Frensy Fish and went directly to Honey Horse. While I was on Honey Horse, Emily's singing and signing came a halt and just looked at me in puzzlement. I asked her why she stopped, she then shrugged her shoulders, opened out her arms and asked, "Mummy, where is gorilla?" We then put Gordo Gorilla back into the picture and began to sing and sign away again.
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This morning I put on my own earrings again for the first time after I repierced my earlobes. My earlobes felt itchy when I first put them on. Thinking that the feeling would wear off after a while. But when I got to the car, the itch still persisted, so I took them off. For the whole journey from Bishan to Tuas, I kept them on my lap, hoping that I could try putting them on again along the way. When we got to Jon's office, he parked at the roadside and I hopped out of the car to take over the driver's seat. Before I hopped out, I specifically remembered placing them in the cup holder. But when I got to my office, there were no where to be found. Searched high and low, under the seat, mat, handbag, every corner possible, zilch. As I recalled, the only possibility could be, argh, how could I been so careless. Then I remembered, there were those small drains along that road, argh again. Drove all the way back to Jon's office, bitched at myself all the way there and prepared for the worst. Parked the car across the road, fearing the risk of running them over. Paced the 50m area up and down three times, constantly looking down. An Indian man on his bike honked at me to get out of his way, super pissed, I gave me a piece of my mind. While continuing with my search, I called Jon for help. As I hung up, I spotted one. I just picked it up and looked on. Having one is as good as lost because I can't wear it anyway. Jon came and helped me. My hunch then led me to the drain area and alas, and I FOUND the other side. It was caught in between a small gap between the drain and the road. If it had fallen any further, my earring would have been history. Overjoyed, I let out a scream and hugged him. Jon was so embarrassed. His boss just drove by. The question to myself is, was I zombified when the whole scenario took place? Because up until now I can still remember me throwing them in the cup holder. Or is my really short term memory failing me?
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Just wrapped up a major presentation this morning. It was not as bad as I thought, was expecting more grilling from the customer from the horror stories I have heard. The engineer whom I work closely with actually defended us in a number of instances in front of his boss and I thank him for that. Really glad that this is out of the way for this quarter. I shall be more laid back now, I realised I had been majorly tense the past few days, both at work and home.
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Emily was up when we left for work two days in a row now. She is usually still snoring away in these early hours but I think it is the evil cough that is keeping her up. Thus, it makes parting more so difficult than ever because the instant she sees me in work attire; she would cry, start to pull my clothes and yell "No no no!" Work attire to her is leaving her at home with Rini and only seeing us at the end of the day. Sometimes she will ask to be carried and say things like "Mummy no go office" or "Mummy no shang4 ban1" I realised that separation anxiety has already kicked in long ago, but it is just recently she is more expressive of herself. Each time she says that, my heart aches. The only activity that can distract her from all this is to play her cartoon VCD. This is not my choice of distraction but it will have to do the job for now. As we walked out of the door this morning, Jon commented Emily is very ke3 lian3 or pitiful. A pity indeed, that I cannot spend more time with my baby and Rini is doing most of that in place of me. How I wish one day I can just pack up and leave, and be a SAHM or even better, in Vancouver. I yearn for this day to come, hopefully soon!
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It's silver week at Julia Gabriel next week and we are supposed to go to class dressed in something silver. I rummaged through Emily's and my warbrobe last night, no silver in sight. I think I will have to crack my brain and come up with something DIY, and I am not at all good at this kind of stuff. Any ideas?
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